Are you tired of teaching the same list of questions over and over again?

Would you like to see the progress of the students right away without stressful and time-consuming tests?

Loru Games offers an easy and fun solution:

Students play small web browser games and teacher can follow the learning progress from the application dashboard.

Learning anything with

English, Mathematics, Geography, etc.
Create your own question sets or pick up a public set.
Multiple choice questions implemented into the games makes teaching easy and fast!

No app installation needed

Everything works on a web browser.

Works with Chromebook

No app installations.

Easy to use

Sign in to Google and offer a course code for the students to join. Just apply your first question set and let them play

Analyzed data

Our data science specialists work continuously to find new ways to make learning data more easy and efficient to read.

Is it working?

Try out and see yourself. During the trial period you can follow the learning progress from the portal.


Made in Finland, proven by finnish schools!

We are a game development studio founded by a teacher. Our games are tested and created in collaboration with Finnish schools, teachers and students. 

Teach anything!

With our open multiple choice system it is up to you as a teacher to decide the subject that is learned in games.

See your data.

We want to lead the way with data privacy issues. On our webpage the students can see the key points of data saved. After each game the student will see what kind of a dataset is transferred to the server in easy-to-read format.

Example case:

K12 class has fractions as the math subject. The teacher has used flashcards and some workbook assignments. The teacher wants the students to continue self-learning and to know if they are making progress. Loru portal offers multiple sets of questions about fractions. The teacher picks one and makes some adjustments, adding a few questions. Now the students can go and play games with fractions questions and also the added questions. The teacher goes to the portal to follow progress real-time.

Glimpse of the portal where teachers can follow the learning progress.

Amazing team

Our team is builded with strong professionals from all the important fields


Miika Anundi, Master of Education, Pedagogy, Game Design 

Jevgeni Burdin, IT Engineer, Fullstack development 

Jani Anttila, Dr. in Biology, Data Analysis

Ilkka Davidsen, System Administrator, Game Producer/Designer/Developer 

Toni Toivonen, Bachelor of Humanities, Music and Sound 

Panu-Pekka Kuitunen, Master of Science, edTech specialist and trainer


Eero Järvenpää, Master of Science, Marketing Specialist 

Sampsa Suomalainen, Digital Marketing Specialist 

Eeva Anundi, MSSc in Journalism, Photography, Public Relations


Arto Törmänen, Bachelor of Culture and Arts, Game Art 

Anna Anundi, Bachelor of Culture and Arts, AD in visual communication 

Riika Anundi-Koskinen, Master of Arts, UI and Game Art 

Jenna Suomalainen, Bachelor of Culture and Arts, Game Art


Data privacy and security

We won’t sell your or the students’ data. We work on the latest cloud platforms with good security.

Data transparency

You don’t need to send a ticket to see your data. The data owner is a child in many of our cases. We want the kids to see what kind of data is stored and learn how it’s done in our everyday life.

Gaming is for everyone

Our games are free to play. No ads. No in-game purchases. We sell premium features that allow to follow the learning progress for schools.

Learning must be efficient!

“School is boring!” Are schools wasting students’ time? With the Loru Games platform everyone will get questions they need. We save wrong and right answers and offer the questions you really need, the ones you know will be offered less often.

Power of games in learning